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Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Stress and anxiety are everywhere.  If they are getting the best of you, you may want to hit the mat and give Yoga and Meditation a try.  Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses (asanas), controlled breathing and meditation.


What can Yoga and Meditation do for you? It may help reduce:


Anxiety and stress 

Lower blood pressure

Lower your heart rate 

Increase strength and energy 

Improve your flexibility and mobility

Improve digestion 

 Weight Loss


Assuage Yoga is still offering packages for personal and one-on-one sessions by appointment only. The maximum capacity for personal sessions are four clients in person. Before each personal session there will be a health screening for the safety of the instructors and all clients. The screening includes asking basic health questions, mask are strongly recommended, social distancing and offering hand sanitizer. We offer sessions via ZOOM upon request.