Tonya T. 

“I started taking Yoga classes 5 years ago. I must admit, I didn’t like yoga at first but kept going anyway because of the benefits .  Now, thanks to Sharon’s classes I am so flexible, I can easily reach my toes and I even sleep better. I can do poses better than people half my age.  Sharon’s Yoga classes have become my fountain of youth."

Image by Yannic Läderach

Sean S.

"Sharon is not only a great Yoga instructor, but she is also a wise and gentle soul.  Her classes have helped with stress management and calmer decision making."

Image by Form

Rochelle S.

“I absolutely love Sharon and her Yoga classes.  She is a great teacher that actually teaches Yoga – She makes sure that you are doing all the poses correctly.”

Image by Jared Rice

Jennifer M.

I have been a Yoga student of Sharon’s for a few years.  I am 62 years old and always avoided Yoga because of an injury to my left knee at age 35 which left me with limited range of motion in that knee.  Sharon’s method of teaching encourages students of all abilities and skill levels to do what they can and not compare themselves to others. I was so impressed with her teaching methods and philosophy that I contracted with her to conduct Yoga classes at my job.  Our employees love her classes as I do.”

Image by madison lavern